Monday Night RPGs

Ship's Log Club hosts a number of ongoing Tabletop Role Playing Games, which include recurring players and Game Masters continuing with the same campaign and story line. 

Check out the games below! If you're interested in joining, click "Join the Game" to reach out to our Game Masters and let them know you'd like to play. They will help you build a character and join the table. No experience required! 

Keep an eye out for monthly drop-in game nights, where we play limited campaigns with different systems and GMs! 

Run by Brydon

Brydon is continuing the Kingmaker Adventure Path using 1st Edition Pathfinder rules. In our game players create and run their own kingdom dealing with all the political, ethical, and military ramifications that entails. As the kingdom continues to flourish in these wild lands our heros have to wonder: are they painting a target on their back?"


Run by Patrick 

Patrick is helming a game of Fate Core. The World is been collaboratively built, the character are optimistic and heroic, and there is a whole big world just outside their front door.

Pathfinder 2e

Run by Erika

Erika is running a 2nd Edition Pathfinder game of urban intrigue and adventure. Set in the Forgotten Realms, new players are welcome, no previous knowledge of rules or setting required.

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