1.1: KINGMAKER - The Beginning

November 12, 2016

Our group of adventures arrived at Oleg's Trading Post at the Northern edge of the Greenbelt. After a bit of a frantic greeting from Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, owners of the Trading Post, it was learned that the Levetons have been pressed by the local bandits into giving up a monthly "tax". And further, that the bandits would be arriving the following morning to collect. Deciding to err on the side of caution, a plan was devised and the bandits would be given a chance to repent prior to their attempted theft of Oleg's goods.

The following morning the Bandits arrived on schedule and following a rather tense conversation, battle was joined. Though some injuries were taken on the part of the group, the bandits were nearly wiped out before the survivors, though only two, fled into the Greenbelt.

Left behind is the unconscious bandit leader, a man identified by the Levetons as Happs Bydon, and a lone unharmed bandit who surrendered seeing his compatriots flee. As well as much gear...




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