Geek Love: Discussion Questions

General Questions

I. Did you like the book? II. Did you get involved in the story? III. Was it hard to get invested in the story and characters? IV. What part of the book grabbed/lost your attention? V. What was your favourite part/quote/chapter in the book?

Character Questions

I. What characters did you like and why? II. Did the characters grow or develop throughout the book? III. Are the characters actions justified? IV. Dos the community the characters live in/created contribute to their actions/decisions? V. Are the dynamics between the characters important?

Plot Questions

I. Did the story interest you and was the plot engaging? II. Was the story driven by the plot or the characters? III. Did anything in the story surprise you? IV. Did anything in the story up set you? V. Was the plot compelling?

Book Structure Questions

I. Was the book written from one or multiple perspectives? Did the different perspectives add or take away from the book? II. Does the timeline move in a straight like? Does the timeline make sense? III. Is the story one large story or a series of small interconnecting short stories? IV. Why do we think the author chose to tell his story this way? V. Does the way the story is written give us any deeper insight or understanding of the characters/plot?

Theme Questions

I. Did the book fit the theme of the month? II. What themes did the author explore in this book? III. Why do you think he chose those themes? IV. Do the themes make sense to be included in the story? V. Did the author use any symbolism or imagery? VI. Are there any themes that you didn't like or found problematic?

Ending Questions

I. Was the ending satisfying? II. Did you predict the ending or was it a surprise? III. Why do you think the author ended the book in this way? IV. Is there anything that surprised you? V. Would you change the ending of the book, if so, how?

Geek Love Questions

I. Self-esteem or self worth are themes throughout the book. How do they affect the characters and their growth? II. Do you think the Binewski’s believe they are better than everyone else? Why? III. Sexuality and pregnancy play huge roles throughout the book. How does this affect the story?