1.2: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

After escaping the grasp of Teemo the hutt (and stealing a Corellian freighter from under his nose), Oskara's reputation among the hutt gangs had grown.

The session began with the introduction of two new party members in a cantina: Matwe, a smuggler, and Dr. Grabow, wookie MD. Shortly after their introductions, the party received a summons from another hutt gangster named Bargas. In return for completing a job for him, Bargas offered to clear Oskara's debt with Teemo, obviously catching her interest.

Matwe and Dr. Grabow agreed to accompany Oskara to Bargas's palace to see what sort of job he was offering. As it happened, Bargas had come into possession (read: won it in a sabacc game) of a mineral mine on a distant system. The mission seemed simple enough, he needed the party to travel to the mine to assess it, as he had not been able to travel there himself. They were also asked to collect a large sum of credits that was being held there for him.

Shortly before leaving the palace, the party witnessed a fight break out among several of the gammorean guards and felt it was necessary to interject before something more serious happened. In doing so, Oskara inadvertently challenged the guards' leader to a one on one duel. After a brutal fight with the gammorean, ending in his death, the rest of the guards reluctantly stopped what they were doing and left Bargas's chamber. Despite his denial of the situation, the party suspected that Bargas had been neglecting to pay his guards adequately and needed the credits from the mining operation to settle things.

The party arrived at the mine a short while later to find that things were not as they should be. When no one came to greet the party on arrival, they decided to begin searching the facility, only to find a number of its crew had been executed....

To be continued