1.1: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Our story began on Tatooine, following Oskara, a Twi'lek bounty hunter, Lowhhrick, a wookie gladiator, and 41-VEX, a protocol droid, as they attempted to escape the clutches of a local hutt gang.

Things started to pick up almost immediately with a brawl against several Gammorean guards sent by the hutts in a local cantina. After the guards had been dealt with, the party was given a lead on a ship going off world by the cantina's owner.

Of course nothing was as simple as it seemed, the ship was missing a key part that would need to be found before the party would even be able to think about getting aboard. With some help from a rather ornery R5 droid, we were able to swipe the part from a local junk shop without causing much commotion.

Our next obstacle was getting the ship unlocked from its docking station and we were forced to take a hostage at the spaceport in order to do so. Things only got messier from there as we quickly caught the attention of several storm troopers who pursued us to the hangar bay where the ship was being kept.

Against all odds we managed to fend off the troopers long enough to board the ship, install the part, and make our way off of Tatooine, deciding that our destination would be Ryloth.