1.1: The Hunt for Black Fang

Four Heroes.

One Cave.

A Huge Reward.

Our four adventurers, the wizard, the fighter, the cleric and the rouge, are on the hot trail of the destructive monster known in these parts of Sandpoint as "Black Fang'. Causing death and destruction to nearby farms and travellers, it has left only a single black fang as a reminder of its torment.

Word is that it resides in an old cave just outside of town. This is where we begin.

Valeros: Human Fighter -- too quick to act, strong of will and body, will hit on any nearby female, has a surprising soft side.

Ezran: Human Wizard -- Old, eager to lick anything he comes across, uncomfortable social unawareness, AKA Lizard Wizard.

Lyra: Human Cleric -- healer and follower of Sarenrae, impressive combat skills, embarrassed by her comrades, the subject of Valeros' affections.

Merisiel: Elven Rogue -- Sometimes pretty good at lock picking and sneaking, maybe-ish.

Our story abruptly begins with our heroes battling and defeating half-dressed unwashed goblins at the mouth of the cave, our wizard coveting a looted limp dead lizard, and our rogue failing the simplest of lock-picks.

Galavanting through a number of stone doors, we discover the beautiful Fountain of Desna, granting us each fortuitous gifts in exchange for an offering. One by one our heroes make an offering of gold or treasure and receive blessings from the divine fountain in return. Meresiel the Rogue, utterly flabbergasted by the quick disposal of gold, refuses.

Following whispers and sneaking through corridors, we spy on a goblin king looking despairingly annoyed by his armoured kinsmen. Our group then ventures through rooms occupied by flame-throwing statues and giant spiders -- all for the sake of loot: rubies, gold, wands, and children's toys.

We discover a Mysterious Pillar adorned with ominous warnings. Valeros climbs it. Parkour-style.

Then we hit the beach: finding a huge lake-filled cavern, our rogue and fighter swim to an island and defeat a lobster looking Reefclaw and grab some fancy potions and a badass longsword. In the meantime, Ezran goes for a skinny-dip then puts on a fashion show for Lyra.

Finding our way back to the goblin king, we offer him our Wizard's lizard for snacktime. We also "magically" return his toy dragon he had so mournfully lost. In return, we received mining rights for the caves and directions to the Black Fang (which happens to be a black dragon).

Making our way through a ceremonial burial chamber and scooting past some necromantic skeletal creatures, we find Black Fang's abode. We take some damage. It takes some damage. It flees. We are victorious!