Welcome to Planet Earth!

Welcome to Planet Earth!

The Place

Well, a planet earth; one among many throughout the vast multitudes of realities. This Earth is not so dissimilar to the one you see around you everyday, from the average level of technology to the basic geography, this world is almost exactly like yours -- except for all the people in tights. And battle armour. And a guy flying through the sky with no visible means of propulsion to punch a cape wearing maniac through your cousins apartment building. Basically identical.

The Game

This game will be using Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition Rules and will be a series of single night games, all strung together into an overarching plot. What does that mean for game play, you ask? Well it means every night the table is on the clock. At the end of the night, no matter how much time has passed "in game" we cut to a narrated end scene and the lead up to the following game. Like everything else, this is designed to be fun, so if the format doesn't work over the long term, we can adjust.

The Characters

We will be starting with pre-generated characters, but with a twist! I will build everyone a character for the first game but using the backstories, powers, origins, secret identities, etc that you send me. Within this system we can build anything, so just tell me who you want your character to be and what you want them to be able to do! Think about what you will have fun playing. Cosmic Power or Omnipresent Senses sounds fun on paper but I assure you it gets boring fast. Also, like most other RPGs, combat is a thing but don't stress overly about it, not everyone needs to be Wolverine or Wonder Woman -- it is also pretty great to be Mirage or Negative Man.

The Planet

And one last thing to keep in mind... Remember how I said that this world is just like yours (except for all the cowls and laser guns), well it was. Past tense. Our game will be set after an enormous global change. Welcome to the one and only: Planet Punch Up!

The Set Up

If you are into playing(either the first game or in the future) I need the following info:

Name: (Civilian & Suited Up if different) Background: where are you from, how did you grow up, where do your abilities come from. Friends, family, loved ones. More detail is always best, but no pressure, write as much or as little as you like. Powers: What can you do! Weakness: Do you have one? Is it physiological(kryptonite) or psycological(crippling fear of fire)? How severe is it? Last Day: what was your last day like? before everything changed, what would your day have been like, what would you have been doing? This is important as it will be something that characters discuss with each other often. "what were you doing when..."

Please email everything to: prbguilbault@gmail.com

Hope everyone is excited!