On Board! 

While some games have been donated to the Club, we encourage you to bring your own game and share with friends. Whether you want to play many short games over the course of an evening or come back week after week and work through a campaign or legacy game, you’ll likely find folks who are interested in doing the same.

Every Thursday night from 7pm to 10pm. The Cafe Kitchen is open until 7pm and coffee will be available all night.

Join the Discord and tell folks what you are bringing or what you'd like to play. 


February 06, 2020

Always a crowd pleaser, fast games and even with the elimination element, no one is left waiting too long for the next game.

6 players


February 06, 2020

Such a fascinating game of bluffing and influence. While many games that focus on politics and deduction can be a bit draining, this felt intuitive and fun! Also very fast paced.

6 players

Race for the Galaxy

February 06, 2020

A tableau development game! Resource management and planning are key in this game where players simultaneously (and Secretly!) select which phases of the turn will be activated.

2 players


February 06, 2020

What a splendid game... Players amass gems to purchase mines that both count as victory points and work towards discounting your future cards! Very interesting, lots of different paths to victory!

3 players

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