November 12, 2016

Our group of adventures arrived at Oleg's Trading Post at the Northern edge of the Greenbelt. After a bit of a frantic greeting from Oleg and Svetlana Leveton, owners of the Trading Post, it was learned that the Levetons have been pressed by the local bandits into givi...

October 27, 2016


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This season we'll be playing Pathfinder's KINGMAKER -- designed to be a sandbox style exploration adventure which leads towards City and Nation building. As the ad...

July 19, 2016

Four Heroes. 

One Cave.

A Huge Reward. 

Our four adventurers, the wizard, the fighter, the cleric and the rouge, are on the hot trail of the destructive monster known in these parts of Sandpoint as "Black Fang'. Causing death and destruction to nearby farms and travellers...

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